Centre for Nanoscience
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Structural Analysis


Structural analysis facilities

We perform structural (crystalline and morphological) and chemical analyses required to qualify and validate the new materials and the elaboration techniques developped in our laboratory. Resources used are, in particular, X-ray diffraction, transmission electron microscopy, microanalysis and atomic force microscopy. These activities are carried out into the Department of Materials.

C2N is a leading partner of EQUIPEX TEMPOS.
C2N hosts and coordinates NANOTEM platform which consists of a TEM / STEM FEI Titan Themis (200kV, XFEG, Cs-corrector probe) with an EDX  SuperX detector, and a dual-beam (focused ion and electron) FEI Scios.
C2N is also an actor of NANOMAX project dedicated to the study of nanocrystal growth in real time with atomic resolution in an environmental microscope (FEI Titan ETEM 300kV installed at Ecole Polytechnique).

More details here on the C2N structural analysis equipments.