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Environment, Health and Safety Unit


  Mission statements

The main task of the Health, Safety and Environment Unit is to assist and advise management in developing and implementing the occupational risk prevention and protection policy. It aims to reduce and control risks by defining preventive actions, training staff, and establishing prevention programs. It also ensures the reliability of the installations and their proper functioning. These missions are carried out by an HSE manager, 7 Prevention Assistants and 2 Competent People in Radiation Protection. The CLHSCT (Local Commission of Hygiene, Safety and Working Conditions) of the C2N also contributes to the protection of the health and safety of the agents and to the improvement of their working conditions

  Unit's staff

To contact your interlocutor on the Orsay site

Phone: (+33) 1 69 15 .. .. followed by the following number

BARRANGER Emilie - Phone: 40 59 

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BARRANGER Emilie - Phone: 63 58