Mechanics Unit

  Mission statements

The C2N's Mechanical Service in mainly in charge of the study, manufacture and assembly of mechanical parts for the experimental platforms of the laboratory.

  Design Office


The Design Office relies on the expertise of one assistant engineer and two technicians for:

  • Designing experimental platforms,

  • Insuring their manufacture,

  • Optimizing the manufacture and assembly of mechanical parts. 

The Design Office is equipped with computer-aided3-D simulation (CATIA and SOLIDWORKS).

  Mechanical Workshop


The workshop gathers 3 technicians and one technical assistant. They are in charge of the manufacture, assembly and control of mechancial parts, in strong links with the Design Office.

The workshop is equipped with two CAM machining centres, allowing for the manufacture of complex machining in various materials. The workshop also hosts conventional soldering stations (arc welding, brazing...) as well as  tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding stations for vacuum mechanical parts.

  Service's staff

Phone: (+33)1 70 27 .. .. followed by the following number


POIZAT Alexis :

Design office

 OLLIVIER Yannick :

JACOB Serge :

 Mecanical Workshop

BENAUD Olivier (Supervisor) :

BOUKRIT Abdelkader :

LE BAUT Sébastien :