Centre for Nanoscience
and Nanotechnology

Accounting and Financial Unit


  Mission statements

The Accouting and Financial Unit is in charge of the preparation of the C2N's budget and oversees its execution and control .

The Unit follows up on the C2N’s contract commitments, order processing, financial declarations and mission management, for all the scientific teams as well as for the Clean Room facility.

In its field of expertise, it brings support for the whole community of the C2N and  acts as the nterface between the laboratory and the accounting Services of C2N's supervisory agencies.

  Unit's staff

To contact your interlocutor on the Orsay site

Phone: (+33) 1 69 15 .. .. followed by the following number

To contactyour interlocutor on the Marcoussis site

Phone: (+33)1 69 63 .. .. followed by the following number

  Unit Manager

ROUX-PERRIN Agnès Phone : 60 55 (Marcoussis)

  Unit Deputy Manager

DALAC Isabelle Phonel : 43 36 (Orsay)

  Clean Room Facility finanical management

ROY Annie Phone : 76 34 (Orsay)

Financial officers

BONNOT Carole Phone : 34 96 (Orsay)

DABOU Aline Phone : 30 27 (Orsay)

DELZONGLE Natacha Phone: 33 86 (Orsay),

Phone: 61 61 (Marcoussis)

FERREIRA Marina  Phonel:  60 51 (Marcoussis)

GUITTON Joelle Phone : 63 55 (Marcoussis)

JULIEN Olga Phone : 31 46 (Orsay)

LABORDE Bernadette Phone : 43 34 (Orsay)

LEGENDRE Mélissa Phone:  60 52 (Marcoussis)

SIDIBE Laurence Phone: 34 81(Orsay)

TANSORIER Monia Phone: 63 25 (Orsay)

Pour contacter le service: