Nanoelectronics, from new phenomena to low power electronics

A very successful collaboration since 2006 involving leading research labs in the US (University of California San Diego) and France (University of Paris Sud and University of Lorraine) has resulted in a range of high-impact outcomes.  These include co-funded US-French projects, co-organized workshops, regular faculty visits between laboratories, student exchanges, several high-profile publications and preliminary discussions on establishing joint or dual degrees. As a final outcome, an international associated Laboratory (LIA CNRS) on nanoelectronics has been launched in 2015. The primary goal of this LIA is to support advances along two main lines:

  • Basic research on new emergent physics in complex materials that enables new concepts in low power nanoelectronics devices and efficient computing architecture.

  • Education of the next generation of scientists and engineers in nanoscience and nanotechnologies.

  Principal outcomes

  • MOU agreements between UCSD, UPSUD, and UL have been renewed.

  • A student exchange agreement between UCSD, UPSUD and UL are being completed

  • Eric Fullerton is Honoris Doctor of Universite de Lorraine

  • 6 invited professor positions

  • 7 Projects-Grants between the US and French partners (2 ANR-NSF, 1 Partner University Fund, 1 Marie Curie, 1 CNRS, 2 Chateaubriand)

  • 8 jointly organized workshops

  • 20 students spent a total of about 70 months at Partners University sites

  • 10 professors spent about 12 month at partners University sites

  • More than 30 common journal publications including a number of high-impact publications

  • More than 30 Invited talks at conferences on work resulting from the collaboration

  4 laboratories in France and US

University of Paris Sud (C2N, UMR-Thales)  : coordinator D.Ravelosona

University of Lorraine (IJL) : coordinator  S.Mangin

University of California, San Diego (CMRR) : coordinator  E. Fullerton

Participants of the LIA Kickoff meeting at UCSD in September 2015 including the presence of the French consul