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Photonics constitutes a strong research line at C2N, with about 180 researchers and students, including 50 CNRS researchers, assistant professors and professors. At the European level, C2N is one of the major player in this field of photonics.

The Department of Photonics at C2N encompasses a broad spectrum of research topics covering the continuum from fundamental research to the development of new photonic devices. Light-matter interaction, ultimate light confinement at the nanoscale, photonic integration, optoelectronics, nonlinear and quantum optics are at the core of the research developed in the department. These activities take advantage from a tight synergy with the first rank technological facilities available at C2N. They cover a wide range of applications, including quantum engineering, quantum information, optical communications and interconnects, optical signal processing, photovoltaics, light sources and photo-detectors and related to crucial challenges in the domains of energy, information and communication, security, aerospace, health and automotive.

Three main scientific axes are explored:

  • Quantum and nonlinear nanophotonics,

  • Sub-wavelength photonics, electromagnetism and nano-objects,

  • Photonic and nanophotonic devices.

A tight collaboration with the other C2N departments favors the development of novel optical materials and structures, and promotes interdisciplinary research at the interface with biology, material science and nanoelectronics.

The activities of  Department of Photonics benefit from a scientific hub on instrumentation and high-speed and microwave optoelectronics measurements (Descartes platform).

The Department of Photonics is organized in 10 research groups, transversal to the three scientific axis.

  The Departement

  Key figures

3 research axes

10 research groups

1 joint laboratory between CNRS and ONERA

34 CNRS research staff members

16 faculty members

3 engineers

  Department managers

VIVIEN Laurent  - Tel : (+33) 1 69 15 40 70

BARBAY Sylvain - Tel : (+33) 1 69 63 62 00

BLOCH Jacqueline - Tel : (+33) 1 69 63 61 90

  One competence center

The Opto-RF pole of expertise gathers a strong expertise in instrumentation and powerful measurement means for the functional characterization of next generation devices for optical telecommunications.