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Material science is at the core of a large majority of research topics at C2N. Innovating in this field is of crucial importance.The Department of Materials has two general objectives :

- to conduct its own research activities in material science, from the physics of growth to the control of various material properties;
- to interact with the 3 other departments, collaborate with external groups and provide samples and devices.

Understanding growth mechanisms and correlating the material properties with their growth conditions, is one of the main challenge of the Department. To this aim, we use advanced equipments for growth and analysis. We also develop adapted theoretical and numerical tools. Our activities in material science focuse mainly on nanostructures made of III-V semiconductors (ELPHYSE, HETERNA teams), Si/Ge (HETERNA, EPLA, ELPHYSE teams), novel 2D materials (2D Materials team) and functional oxides (OXIDE team). Hybridization of these various materials is another challenge, opening the way to novel functionalities. These activities are pursued in strong interaction with photonics, nanoelectronics, devices and systems.


6 interrelated axes are developed : Small-dimensionality objects, Hybridization and mixted interfaces , Topological and 2D materials, Analysis modeling and simulation, Planar heterostructures, Materials for energy.

The Department

Some key figures

6 research axes

5 research teams

15 CNRS researchers

6 Univ. Paris Sud faculty members

8 engineers and technicians

Department managers

HARMAND Jean-Christophe  - Tel : (+33) 1 69 63 60 81

LECOEUR Philippe - Tel : (33) 1 69 15 40 77

Two expertise areas

Members of the Materials department are strongly involved in the developement of two platforms dedicated to the growth and characterization of materials in the form of thin layers and nanostructures.