Technology transfer at C2N


C2N has defined the outline of a valorisation strategy and become a key player in bringing the laboratory closer to the business world. C2N ensures the transfer of its work, through the filing of patents, or by encouraging the creation of start-ups. As a result, several start-ups have been hosted or are being hosted at C2N, benefiting from a state-of-the-art technological and scientific environment conducive to their growth. The C2N "Valorisation Unit" works in close relation with the tutelles of the laboratory (CNRS / Université Paris-Saclay).

  Valorisation Unit of C2N

Cynthia VALLERAND - Manager

Luc LE GRATIET - Chargé de mission Valorisation

Sandrine BOUVY

C2N is composed of ...

  • Experts in the fields of photonics, spintronics, microfluidics, photovoltaic, semiconductor processes and devices, materials for physics…
  • State-of-the-art equipment: epitaxy of III-V materials, nanomaskers, ICP, dielectric and metallic deposition, optical multilayers, TEM, 3D lithography, UV lithography
  • Technological skills: in growth, in CVD PVD ALD, engraving and structural and optical characterization, in integration
  • Characterization rooms
  • 2900 sqm of cleanrooms
  • 3 patents filed and 30 declarations of invention since 2016. In total 54 families of active patents
  • Several projects are also in prematuration, in maturation with the SATT Paris-Saclay or are already Spin-Off of C2N...

Our actions and our approach

  • We get involved in the procedures for hosting projects and newcomers
  • We support project leaders and organize meetings with support services (DARI, SPV)
  • We negotiate economic conditions with new partners
  • We take care of good contractual practices (prices, NDA, …) to avoid dysfonction
  • We offer tailored solutions on a case-by-case basis, in a predefined framework: service contract, hosting agreement, research collaboration or establishment of a joint laboratory.
  • We regularly raise the awareness of C2N members about technology transfer

The Spin-off from C2N's research work

The projects in maturation or prematuration program

Several projects of C2N are currently in a prematuration program (with Université Paris-Saclay and CNRS) or in maturation (with SATT, Labex Nanosaclay/Palm, C’Nano) :

  • Spin-Ion : Ultra-dense magnetic memory with gradient of anisotropy

      Dafiné Ravelosona

  • Dagnos : Early cancer diagnosis

      Jean Gamby 

For all these activities, C2N can rely on the support services of its tutelles (CNRS / University), and works in close collaboration with all the organizations of its ecosystem involved in technology transfer and innovation.