Published the Dec. 16, 2016

Microdisk lasers on silicon operating in deep ultraviolet


Deep-UV nitride-on-silicon microdisk lasers,
J. Sellés, C. Brimont, G. Cassabois, P. Valvin, T. Guillet, I. Roland, Y. Zeng, X. Checoury, P. Boucaud, M. Mexis, F. Semond & B. Gayral
Scientific Reports (2016) / DOI :

Near-infrared III-nitride-on-silicon nanophotonic platform with microdisk resonators
I. Roland, Y. Zeng, X. Checoury, M. El Kurdi, S. Sauvage, C. Brimont, T. Guillet, B. Gayral, M. Gromovyi, J. Y. Duboz, F. Semond, M. P. de Micheli, & P. Boucaud
Optics Express 24, 9602 (2016) / DOI