Academic and Institutional Partnerships

Academic partnership in nanoscience

C2N is partner of the Centre national de compétences en nanosciences « C’Nano », network launched by the French Ministry of Research, the CNRS and the CEA at the occasion of the national program "Nanosciences" that led to the rationalization of the emergence of proximity technology facility (small cleanrooms) alongside major facilities such as C2N.

C2N is a member of a number of CNRS Research Groups (GDR) including the GDR MecaQ in the field of quantum optomechanics and nanomechanics, the GDR Pulse in semiconductor epitaxy, the GDR RAFALD on atomic layer deposition science or SOC2 GDR on System On Chip, Embedded Systems and Connected Objects.


Institutional Partnerships with EPIC

Privileged partnerships with state-owned industrial and commercial establishment are formalized by collaboration agreements as with CEA Leti, CNES, Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales, or LNE, Laboratoire National de Métrologie et d'essais.
The partnership can result in the creation of a joint laboratory where staff and means are shared.