C2N Departments


Department of Photonics

The Department encompasses a broad spectrum of research topics covering the continuum from fundamental research to the development of new photonic devices.

Department of Materials

Innovation in material science is a key for tomorrow's R&D. At C2N, five groups fabricate and investigate the properties of novel structures with advanced functionnalities.

Department of Nanoelectronics

The Department focuses on understanding and realizing nanoscale phenomena and devices, and on developing integrated nanocircuit architectures.

Department of Microsystems and Nanobiofluidics

The department focuses on innovative micro / nano devices and their integration into devices.

International Research Projects

"Laboratories without wall"

10 Scientific Challenges

The C2N scientific project revolves around 10 scientific major challenges which are common to the 4 departments and  federate research within the laboratory:

  • Physics at nanoscale
  • Quantum photonics and electronics
  • New paradigms for simulation and computing
  • Materials, nanostructures and hybrid integration
  • Theory, modeling and simulation of nanostructures and nanodevices
  • Cutting-edge instrumentation and nanotechnologies
  • Advanced concepts for light manipulation
  • Electronics and photonics devices for information technologies and detection in extreme environments
  • Photovoltaics and energy harvesting
  • Advanced biosensing