Multiphysics Characterization Platform

The multiphysics characterisation platform is a multi-users platform open for research, education and to external academic or industrial laboratories. It is driven by the research team « MNOEMS and Instrumentation » of the Microsystems and Nanobiofluidics (MNBF) department in collaboration with PIMENT Micro/nanofabrication platform. It gathers in a 100m2 ISO7 clean room more than 15 equipments purchased, modified or developed for the characterization of processes of microfabrication and packaging, of films and of microdevices. The main available set-ups notably include:

  • Optical microscopy and imaging: Visible, near-inrared and DUV optical microscopes, IR microphotoelasticity in reflection mode, IR microthermography, and a system of defects inspection of bonded wafers by NIR imaging in transmision.
  • Optical profilometers and/or vibrometers: Several full field interferometric profilometers-vibrometers with a (sub)nanometer vertical resolution having various fields of view and wavelengths, a fibered differential laser Doppler vibrometer mounted on a microscope and a stroboscopic microscope with sub-pixel image processing for in plane nanometric displacement of vibration measurements of microstructures. Several vacuum chambers and accessories allow measurements under probes, as function of temperature or pressure, etc.
  • Micromechanical test benches: a Femtotools mechanical probe, Bulge test, blade test and a miniaturized 4 point bending system.
  • Electrical measurement systems as function of temperature: A 4 probe sheet resistance measurement set-up under vacuum and as function of temperature and gaseous environment (N2, 16O2, H2, D2, 18O2, dry air) and a cryogenic probe station for piezoresistance measurement by in-situ 4 point bending or of thermal conductivity measurements by 3 omega method.

Microscopy and optical imaging

Optical profilometry and vibrometry

Mechanical characterization

Electrical characterization

Key Figures

  • 20+ equipments
  • 16 state-of-the-art equipments
  • 100 m2 ISO7 clean-room



  • A. Bosseboeuf
  • P. Coste
  • E. Lefeuvre
  • F. Parrain
  • M. Thomasset