Science Communication at C2N

Researchers and Engineers at C2N participate to the dissemination of science through radio programs, conferences for general public and workshops organized in schools.
Many C2N members are also involved in the following recurring Science Communication projects:

MOOC Nano "Understanding Nanosciences"

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Nanoscience and nanotechnology are at the heart of many objects in everyday life. Nanoscience is the science of infinitely small objects, a billionth of a meter in size. The goal of this MOOC is to provide you with useful knowledge about the nanoscale in different disciplines ranging from Chemistry and Physics to Biotechnology and Medicine.

Over 50 professors and researchers from the Université Paris-Saclay, including many C2N researchers, all specialists in their field, are keen to share their knowledge with you through numerous videos and experiments filmed in the laboratory.

Fête de la Science

C2N is involved every year in the Fête de la Science festival, organized by the University Paris-Saclay Faculty of Science and the CNRS regional head office "Délégation Île-de-France Gif-sur-Yvette". Members of C2N participate with activites about magnetism, about the cristals, about the "nanoworld" or with more fun activities around physics for children.

In 2018 and 2019, all these activities took place at the Maison d’Initiation et de Sensibilisation aux Sciences - MISS on the Orsay Campus of the Faculty.

Visit the MISS website here:

Art-Science project "Light Matter"

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Art-science project involving Rémy Braive, Associate Professor of Université de Paris and Researcher at C2N, as part of the european project HOT (Hybrid Optomechanical Technologies :

A video installation project is developed with the artist Stéphane Perraud and will be released soon ...