International Collaborations

International collaborations are formalized through the creation of International Research Network (GDRI) or International Research Project (IRP). The C2N stays open to new collaborations, both national and international, as an integral part of its strategy. C2N is also involved in numerous international research projects, including ERC, FET OPEN and Marie Curie Grants.

From New Phenomena to Low Power Electronics

Basic research on new emergent physics in complex materials that enables new concepts in low power nanoelectronics devices and efficient computing architecture.

Physics of nanostructures and innovative devices based on compound semiconductors

Semiconductor nanostructure growth, optical, electronic and magnetic properties and advanced devices.

C2N International Research Network (GDRI)

Alain Bosseboeuf, CNRS Senior Researcher is coordinator of the International Research Network (GDRI) Network on NAno and Micro Systems (NAMIS - whose visibility is intercontinental. Indeed, the GDRI NAMIS gathers 12 partners coming from 9 countries pays of 3 different continents. In 2016-2018, 3 workshops were organized in The Netherlands, South Korea and Finland, as well as 3 international schools in Japan, in Germany and in the US.


C2N International Research Projects (IRP CNRS)

The IRP is a "laboratory without walls" between a CNRS laboratory and a (or several) foreign laboratories formalized through a contract signed by the heads of both organizations, with provisions covering issues such as intellectual property rights. Human and material resources are pooled to carry out the project. Teams or laboratories associated through an IRP retain their separate autonomy, status, Director and location. The IRP activities are coordinated by two co-principal investigators and by a scientific steering committee.