Department of Materials


Innovation in material science is a key for tomorrow's R&D. At C2N, five groups fabricate and investigate the properties of novel structures with advanced functionalities.


Elaboration and Physics of Epitaxial Structures

Elphyse combines expertise in epitaxial growth, structural analyses and modelling. We produce and investigate a wide range of III-V semiconducting epitaxial structures and nanostructures for internal and collaborative studies extending from basic physics to device applications.

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MAT2D group
Electronic and optomechanic of 2D materials

We design, fabricate and analyse novel hybrid heterostructures based on two-dimensional materials (graphene, and transition metal dichalcogenides).

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OXIDE group
OXides Integrated in DEvice

Oxide thin films are epitaxially grown and integrated in new devices with advanced functionnalities such as ferro-, thermo- or piezo-electricity.

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EPLA group
Laser Doping and Superconducting Silicon

We grow epitaxially, by laser doping, ultra-doped Si and Ge thin layers, to explore their electrical and optical properties. Highly boron-doped Si is superconducting. We investigate its superconducting properties, design and test all-silicon quantum devices (Josephson junctions, Squids, resonators...).

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SEEDs group
Selective Epitaxy Engineering for Disruptive Devices

Innovative concepts of selective epitaxy by CVD are studied for the heterogeneous monolithic integration on silicon and the development of novel heterostructures with advanced functionalities (photovoltaic, optoelectronics in MIR and thermoelectricity).

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Growth and Structural Analysis Platforms

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  • Aristide Lemaître, CNRS Silver medal 2024
  • Sylvia Matzen, CNRS Bronze medal 2021
  • Laëtitia Barringthon, Prix Jeunes Talents France 2021 L’Oréal-UNESCO Pour les Femmes et la Science

Key Figures

  • 5 groups
  • 2 platforms
  • 15 CNRS research staff members  
  • 6 faculty members
  • 10 engineers


Department Highlights


Head of Department

The department has two general objectives :

  • to conduct its own research activities in material science, from the physics of growth to the control of various material properties;
  • to interact with the 3 other departments, collaborate with external groups and provide samples and devices.

Understanding growth mechanisms and correlating the material properties with their growth conditions, is one of the main challenge of the Department. To this aim, we use advanced equipments for growth and analysis. We also develop adapted theoretical and numerical tools. Our activities in material science focus mainly on nanostructures made of III-V semiconductors (ELPHYSE, HETERNA teams), Si/Ge (HETERNA, EPLA, ELPHYSE teams), novel 2D materials (2D Materials team) and functional oxides (OXIDE team). Hybridization of these various materials is another challenge, opening the way to novel functionalities. These activities are pursued in strong interaction with photonics, nanoelectronics, devices and systems departments.