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Tuning Ultrafast Photoinduced Strain in Ferroelectric Based Devices
S. Matzen, L. Guillemot, T. Maroutian, S. K. K. Patel, H. Wen, A. DiChiara, G. Agnus, O. G. Shpyrko, E. E. Fullerton, D. Ravelosona, P. Lecoeur, R. Kukreja
Advanced Electronic Materials 5, 1800709 (2019)


Evidence of direct electronic band gap in two-dimensional van der Waals indium selenide crystals
Hugo Henck, Debora Pierucci, Jihene Zribi, Federico Bisti, Evangelos Papalazarou, Jean-Christophe Girard, Julien Chaste, François Bertran, Patrick Le Fèvre, Fausto Sirotti, Luca Perfetti, Christine Giorgetti, Abhay Shukla, Julien E. Rault, and Abdelkarim Ouerghi
Phys. Rev. Materials 3, 034004 (2019)


Strong interlayer hybridization in the aligned SnS2/WSe2 hetero-bilayer structure
Jihene Zribi, Lama Khalil, Biyuan Zheng, José Avila, Debora Pierucci, Thibault Brulé, Julien Chaste, Emmanuel Lhuillier, Maria C. Asencio, Anlian Pan, Abdelkarim Ouerghi
npj 2D Materials and Applications 3, 27 (2019)


Electronic coupling in the F4-TCNQ/single-layer GaSe heterostructure
Lama Khalil, Debora Pierucci, Evangelos Papalazarou, Julien Chaste, Mathieu G. Silly, Fausto Sirotti, Mahmoud Eddrief, Luca Perfetti, Emmanuel Lhuillier, and Abdelkarim Ouerghi
Phys. Rev. Materials 3, 084002 (2019)


GaAs (111) epilayers grown by MBE on Ge (111): Twin reduction and polarity
D. Pelati, G. Patriarche, O. Mauguin, L. Largeau, L. Travers, F. Brisset, F. Glas, F. Oehler
Journal of Crystal Growth 519, 84-90 (2019)


Evidence and control of unintentional As-rich shells in GaAs1-xPx nanowires
R. de Lepinau, A. Scaccabarozzi, G. Patriarche, L. Travers, S. Collin, A. Cattoni, F. Oehler
Nanotechnology 30, 294003 (2019)


GaN/Ga2O3 Core/Shell Nanowires Growth: Towards High Response Gas Sensors
Q.C. Bui, L. Largeau, M. Morassi, N. Jegenyes, O. Mauguin, L. Travers, X. Lafosse, C. Dupuis, J.C. Harmand, M. Tchernycheva, N. Gogneau
Applied Sciences 9, 3528 (2019)


Highlight publications with strong involvement of Department of Materials

Optically controlling the emission chirality of microlasers
Carlon Zambon, N.; St-Jean, P.; Milicevic, M.; et al.
NATURE PHOTONICS 13, 283 (2019)


Nonlinear Polariton Fluids in a Flatband Reveal Discrete Gap Solitons
Goblot, V; Rauer, B.; Vicentini, F.; et al.
PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 123, 113901 (2019)


Transmitting the quantum state of electrons across a metallic island with Coulomb interaction
H. Duprez, E. Sivre, A. Anthore, A. Aassime, A. Cavanna, U. Gennser, Frédéric Pierre
SCIENCE 366, 1243 (2019)


Uprooting defects to enable high-performance III-V optoelectronic devices on silicon
Y. A. Bioud, A. Boucherif, M. Myronov, A. Soltani, G. Patriarche, N. Braidy, M. Jellite, D. Drouin, R. Ares
Nature Communications 10, 4322 (2019)


Effect of Environment on Activation and Sorption of Getter Alloys and Multilayers for Hybrid Wafer−level Vacuum Packaging
Alain Bosseboeuf, Sylvain Lemettre, Ming Wu, Johan Moulin, Philippe Coste, Clément Bessouet, Sana Hammami, Charles Renard, and Laetitia Vincent
Sensors and Materials 31, 2825 (2019)


Trap-Free Heterostructure of PbS Nanoplatelets on InP(001) by Chemical Epitaxy
L. Biadala, W. Peng, Y. Lambert, J. H. Kim, D. Canneson, A. Houppe, M. Berthe, D. Troadec, D. Deresmes, G. Patriarche, T. Xu, X. Pi, X. Wallart, C. Delerue, M. Bayer, J. Xu, B. Grandidier
ACS Nano 13, 1961 (2019)


Type-III and Tilted Dirac Cones Emerging from Flat Bands in Photonic Orbital Graphene
Milicevic, M.; Montambaux, G.; Ozawa, T.; et al.
PHYSICAL REVIEW X 9, 031010 (2019)


Brillouin scattering in hybrid optophononic Bragg micropillar resonators at 300 GHz
Esmann, M.; Lamberti, F. R.; Harouri, A.; et al.
OPTICA 6, 854 (2019)


Spontaneous photon-pair generation from a dielectric nanoantenna
Marino, Giuseppe; Solntsev, Alexander S.; Xu, Lei; et al.
OPTICA 6, 1416 (2019)


Magnetic Tunnel Junctions Based on Ferroelectric Hf0.5Zr0.5O2 Tunnel Barriers
Y. Wei, S. Matzen, T. Maroutian, G. Agnus, M. Salverda, P. Nukala, Q. Chen, J. Ye, P. Lecoeur, B. Noheda
Physical Review Applied 12, 031001 (2019)


Magneto-ionic control of spin polarization in multiferroic tunnel junctions
Y. Wei, S. Matzen, C. P. Quinteros, T. Maroutian, G. Agnus, P. Lecoeur, B. Noheda
npj Quantum Materials 4, 62 (2019)


Polarization- and diffraction-controlled second-harmonic generation from semiconductor metasurfaces
C. Gigli, G. Marino, S. Suffit, G. Patriarche, G. Beaudoin, K. Pantzas, I. Sagnes, I. Favero, G. Leo
Journal of the Optical Society of America B – Optical Physics 36, E55 (2019)


Phase separation and surface segregation in Co-Au-SrTiO3 thin films: Self-assembly of bilayered epitaxial nanocolumnar composites
M. Hennes, X. Weng, E. Fonda, B. Gallas, G. Patriarche, D. Demaille, Y. Zheng, F. Vidal
Physical Review Materials 3, 035002 (2019)


MOVPE van der Waals epitaxial growth of AlGaN/AlGaN multiple quantum well structures with deep UV emission on large scale 2D h-BN buffered sapphire substrates
S. Sundaram, X. Li, S. Alam, T. Ayari, Y. Halfaya, G. Patriarche, P. L. Voss, J. P. Salvestrini, A. Ougazzaden
Journal of Crystal Growth 507, 352 (2019)


Selective area molecular beam epitaxy of InSb nanostructures on mismatched substrates
L. Desplanque, A. Bucamp, D. Troadec, G. Patriarche, X. Wallart
Journal of Crystal Growth 512, 6 (2019)


Evidence for a narrow band gap phase in 1T ' WS2 nanosheet
D. Pierucci, J. Zribi, C. Livache, C. Greboval, M. G. Mathieu, J. Chaste, G. Patriarche, D. Montarnal, E. Lhuillier, A. Ouerghi, B. Malher
Applied Physics Letters 115, 032102 (2019)

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