The Department of Nanoelectronics focuses on understanding and realizing nanoscale phenomena and devices, and on developing integrated nanocircuit architectures (more information here).

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September 2019: Congratulations to Rebeca Ribeiro (Phynano/Topo2D) for the prestigious Starting Grant awarded to her project TWISTRONICS by the European Research Council!

September 2019: C2N and the New York University (NYU) Center for Quantum Phenomena are organizing a French-US workshop on nanoelectronics. September 25th to 27th 2019 at both NYU Paris and C2N.

August 2019: The startup CryoHEMT, co-funded by Yong Jin, has a new web page!

July 2019: The startup Spin-Ion Technologies, co-founded by Dafiné Ravelosona, was awarded with one of the 10 "i-LAB 2019" Prize. Congratulations!

June 2019: a Innovative Training Network (ITN) grant has been awarded to the project MagnEFi, coordinated by Liza Herrera Diez. Congratulations!

April 2019:  Congratulations to Hadrien Duprez (QPC) for winning one of the two best presentation award at the C2N PhD days!

October 2018:  Great Prize of the French Academy of Sciences awarded to Frédéric Pierre.

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