Department of Nanoelectronics

The Department of Nanoelectronics focuses on understanding and realizing nanoscale phenomena and devices, and on developing integrated nanocircuit architectures (learn more). It is composed of 5 research groups.


PHYsics and technology of NANOstructures and quantum systems

Members: Anne Anthore (Prof), Hervé Aubin (DR), Antonella Cavannas (IR), Christophe David (IR), Bernard Etienne (Emeritus), Ulf Gennser (DR), Jean-Christophe Girard (CR), Yong Jin (DR), Dominique Mailly (DRCE), Frédéric Pierre (DR, group leader), Rebeca Ribeiro (CR), Guillemin Rodary (CR).

INTEGgrative concepts for spin and charge based NANOdevices

Members: Damien Querlioz (CR, group leader), Dafiné Ravelosona (DR), Giancarlo Faini (DR, C2N director), Liza Herrera Diez (CR), Laurie Calvet (CR), Jacques-Olivier Klein (MdC), Nicolas Vernier (MdC).

COMputational NanoelectronICS

Members: Marco Pala (CR, group leader), Jérôme Saint-Martin (Prof), Arnaud Bournel (Prof), Philippe Dollfus (DR), Sylvie Retailleau (Prof), Christophe Chassat (IR).

NOvel MAgnetic DEvices

Members: Thibaut Devolder (DR, group leader), Jean-Paul Adam (CR), Claude Chappert (DR), Joo-Von Kim (CR)


Members: Frédéric Aniel (Prof, group leader), Anne-Sophie Grimault-Jacquin (MdC), Guy Fishman (Emeritus), Nicolas Zerounian (MdC).

Key figures

  • 19 CNRS researchers
  • 9 faculty members
  • 4 engineers
  • 20 PhDs & postdocs