Friday September 16, 2022, visit of the Photovoltaic Institute of Ile de France

IPVF site

The two laboratories have been working closely together on societal issues related to photovoltaics, and have decided to strengthen their ties through unique visits. On September 16, 2022, the IPVF opened its doors to 13 of our PhD and post-doctoral students. Accompanied by our internal C2N ambassadors (Capucine Tong, Photonics Department, Carlos Macias, Jeronimo Buencuerpo, Daniel Micha, Salim Mejaouri, ODIN/IPVF team, Photonics Department), our doctoral students had the pleasure of meeting Jean-François Guillemoles, Director     of the IPVF, Gregory Marque, Director of Programs, and Julie Goffard, Head of Characterization, who presented the Institute, its programs and laboratories. This visit was also an opportunity for our PhD students to present their research topics conducted between the IPVF and C2N.



"On Friday, September 16, in the framework of the EUGLOH project and the collaboration between the IPVF and C2N, a group of 11 PhD and post-doctoral students from C2N visited     the IPVF premises and laboratories. The visit started with a presentation of the institute and its 6 research programs by the IPVF program director, Gregory Marque.Then, IPVF PhD     and post-doctoral students working between IPVF and C2N (Jeronimo Buencuerpo, Carlos Macias, Salim Mejaouri, Daniel Micha, and Capucine Tong) presented their research work on III-V semiconductors and perovskite solar cells, carried out on the complementary platforms of IPVF and C2N. At the end of the afternoon, the group was given a guided tour of the IPVF's 3500 m2 clean room by the head of the characterization unit, Julie Goffard, and the director of the CNRS UMR, Jean-François Guillemoles. Many thanks to all the participants    and organizers of this visit !"

Article written by Capucine TONG, 3rd year PhD student, Photonics Department, ODIN Team