Friday 13 May 2022, launch of the first actions for doctoral and post-doctoral students

Within the framework of the SMART-22 project, twelve of our PhD students had the opportunity to visit the facilities of the SOLEIL Synchrotron.Thanks to our internal ambassadors Charlotte Kutyla and Hana Boukharouba, PhD students of the Microsystems and NanoBiofluidics Department, in direct link with Stefan KUBSKY, Head of the Surface Sciences Laboratory, this very complete and enriching visit was the opportunity for our students to discover the history and the principle of the Synchrotron, but also to visit the control room and the roof of the Booster, as well as the surface sciences laboratory and the 4 characteristic light lines of the Synchrotron.



This visit, rich in exchange, was followed by a poster session at C2N where 17 of our doctoral students presented the progress of their research work, followed by a moment of conviviality on the theme of "a dish from my country", moments rich in exchange and cultural sharing.



"As part of the SMART-22 project, a social and cultural event was held at C2N on Friday 13 May. PhD students and post-doctoral researchers had the opportunity to discover the rich scientific environment around C2N. A visit of the SOLEIL synchrotron marked the beginning of this afternoon, followed by a poster session where several research topics from the different groups of the laboratory were presented. The evening ended with a convivial meal.
The event started with a visit of the SOLEIL synchrotron, where an introductory presentation of the operating principle of a synchrotron was given. Then, a tour of the infrastructure allowed us to get to know the three lines that are located there: ANATOMIX, PUMA and SMIS, where research is carried out on radiography, tomography and X-ray imaging, among others. Finally, we left SOLEIL with a short visit to the surface laboratory.
After the visit, posters were presented by a group of PhD students explaining their research topic. This was an ideal opportunity to learn about the work done by other groups in the laboratory. Through multiple exchanges, we had the opportunity to discover new techniques within C2N. In addition, our dissemination skills were put to the test. Indeed, different environments coexist among us, giving rise to various discussions.
The event ended with a multicultural meal under the theme "A dish from my country". We had travelled around the world without leaving C2N. Traditional dishes such as sangría (Spain), Aghrum d lehwal (Algeria), and Tinga (Mexico) were shared. A "who's who" game served as entertainment, where the challenge was to recognise our colleges based on new information. All in all, it was a great opportunity to get back into social life and create lasting friendships. "

Article written by Cléophanie Brochard, Phd 2A, MAT2D Team, Department of Materials and Paula Nuño Ruano, Phd 2A, Department of Photonics, MINAPHOT Team