Published the April 30, 2023

ERC Advanced Grants 2022 : Delphine Marris-Morini, Laureate for the ELECTROPHOT project

Mid-infrared (mid-IR) spectroscopy is a nearly universal way to identify chemical and biological substances and to perform non-invasive diagnostics. More specifically, the 6-15 μm wavelength range can be exploited to detect small traces of environmentally hazardous and toxic substances for a variety of applications including defense, security and industrial monitoring. While current optical systems in the mid-IR range are based on bulky assemblies of discrete devices, a challenging task is to make mid-IR spectroscopy accessible in remote areas, driving the development of compact and cost-effective solutions to replace table-top systems.

In the ELECTROPHOT project, in collaboration with Politecnico Di Milano, we aim at addressing new routes for high resolution spectroscopic systems based on dual-comb spectroscopy by developing innovative frequency comb sources. The C2N technological facility will be heavily involved in the project (Renatech network).


Figure : Integrated optoelectronic modulators will be one of the basic elements for the realisation of dual frequency comb spectrometers. Characterisation of a sample fabricated in the C2N clean room illustrates the high frequency operation in a wide wavelength range of the mid-infrared.

Delphine Marris-Morini is a full professor at the University of Paris Saclay. Engineer graduated from Telecom Paris, she is doing her PhD Thesis at the University of Paris Sud on electro-optical modulators in silicon. Given the impact of this work in the field of optical communications, she then developed optoelectronic components in silicon photonics, with numerous academic and industrial partners. In the same time, she developed a new research theme around integrated photonics in the medium infrared, and showed the interest of the Silicon-Germanium platform for the realisation of innovative optical functions in the medium infrared.
She received the CNRS bronze medal in 2013, the Fabry De Gramont prize in 2017. She has been awarded an ERC starting grant (2015-2020), and was a member of the Institut Université de France (2013-2018).