Published the July 13, 2023

The GLUCOPASS project, laureate of the "POC IN LABS" call for 2023 prematurity projects

The GLUCOPASS project is selected by the “Poc-In-Labs 2023” project call at Université Paris-Saclay. The project aims at assessing the relevance of a recently patented, original passive inductive sensor for low cost, non-contact, non-invasive measurement of blood glucose. A demonstration prototype will be developed and implemented in vitro to ascertain the ability of this sensor to track changes in glucose concentration in a blood solution, circulating in a biomimetic phantom, in the presence of environmental and physiological perturbations. This project will be carried out by Microsystems and NanoBioFluidiques Department at C2N, together with collaborators from SATIE, CYU Paris Cergy Université

Poc in labs aims to finance and highlight any innovation project, whether technological or societal, social or solidarity-based, that emerges from laboratories within the perimeter of the Université Paris-Saclay.

Contact : Pierre-Yves Joubert

Figure: Non-contact passive inductive sensor for non-invasive blood glucose measurement