Published the Oct. 4, 2023

C2N team awarded the Cristal collectif by CNRS 2023

Congratulations to our team, the 2023 laureate of the CNRS collective crystal award, which recognises its involvement in the transfer and operational start-up of C2N and underlines its commitment to scientific excellence.

C2N is the result of the merger, in 2016, of the Institut d'électronique fondamentale and the Laboratoire de photonique et de nanostructures. It is one of the most technically complex buildings that CNRS has built as a project owner in nearly 50 years. It houses one of the largest clean rooms in Europe.

Our research challenges require very high-level infrastructure performance: commissioning such a building therefore requires a perfect understanding of the operation and challenges of air conditioning, ventilation, clean room maintenance, air recycling and the gas network.

Our team was able to combine its skills in infrastructure and safety with its expertise in chemistry, physics and instrumentation throughout the construction phase, right up to the handover and commissioning of the building.

The laureates

- Emilie Barranger, HSE Department Manager
- Benoît Bélier, Technical Director of the PIMENT platform
- Alain Clément, Head of Infrastructure Logistics
- Alan Durnez, coordinator of the "metal deposits" resource at the PIMENT platform
- Abdelmounaim Harouri, Optical Lithography resource engineer
- Xavier Lafosse, dielectric deposits and heat treatment resource co-ordinator for the PIMENT platform
- Ali Madouri, two-dimensional materials development engineer
- Martina Morassi, engineer in the development of III-V alloy semiconductor heterostructures by molecular jet epitaxy
- Laoges Thao, Head of the Logistics Department, Infrastructure Logistics Service
- Laurent Travers, engineer in molecular jet epitaxy of III-V materials
- Christian Ulysse, deputy technical director of the PIMENT platform

Credits @Laurent Ardhuin