Published the Nov. 21, 2023

Muriel Thomasset, Research Engineer, new Technology Resources Coordinator at C2N

After completing a thesis on the development of Fresnel zone lenses for X-rays in 1998, Muriel joined the LURE synchrotron in 2001 as a research engineer. She joined the SOLEIL synchrotron in 2004 to develop optics used in fields ranging from the infrared to X-rays. She developed specific instrumentation for the mapping of mirrors with defects of no more than a few nm rms : optical profilometry, field connection interferometry, wavefront analysis. It is developing the metrology of diffraction gratings of variable density and depth: Littrow profilometry and atomic force microscopy. These developments have made it possible, among other things, to monitor and maintain the 250 optics installed at the SOLEIL synchrotron. Some of the methods developed have received COFRAC accreditation, attesting to the metrological approach adopted. She will be joining C2N on 1 October 2023 within the PIMENT platform to coordinate the Electrical and Physicochemical Characterisation resource, as well as ongoing developments on the multiphysics platform of the Microsystems and Nanobiofluidics department.