Published the July 8, 2024

Our PhD students are talented | Portrait of Dyhia Tamsaout PhD student in the materials department

Dyhia TAMSAOUT is a 3rd year PhD student in C2N's Materials Department. Dyhia holds a Bachelor's degree in Fundamental Physics and Applications and a Master's degree in Materials Science and Nano-Objects from Sorbonne University's Faculty of Science. She completed her Master's 2 internship at Thales Research and Technology, working on two-dimensional electron gases. Then she joined C2N for her thesis on the development of flexible LEDs with GaN gallium nitride semiconductor nanowires on graphene. Her work focuses on the crystalline growth of III-N micro-domains on an electron-lithographically structured graphene surface by optimizing the Gan growth step using molecular-jet epitaxy selectively performed on nanostructured graphene. The GaN seeds obtained will be used to develop (in collaboration with the PHELIQS team at CEA-Grenoble) organized, transferable GaN micro-domains of high crystalline quality by lateral growth. These micro-domains will be used to grow and manufacture flexible micro-LEDs. Flexible micro LEDs are used in foldable screens and displays for smartphones, tablets and TVs, as well as in the automotive industry for innovative headlights and interior lighting. They are also integrated into smart clothing and accessories, and find applications in wearable medical devices and interactive art installations. Flexible micro LEDs are also finding essential applications in virtual reality (VR).
Dyhia has developed extensive nanofabrication skills in the C2N cleanroom, including optical and electronic lithography, dry and wet etching, MBE epitaxy, characterization techniques such as Raman spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy, atomic force microscopy and RHEED and LEED diffraction techniques.